Avengers: Infinity Schulz

I bet some were hoping this would never come. As we gear up for AFL finals, trying to forget our misgivings in the SuperCoach season gone by, let Jay Schulz serve as a reminder: The Schulzing can wait a moment, however. We’ll start slow, with a broad overview of the total trades this year. Tally […]

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The Patrick Cripps End Of Year Awards For Excellence In The Field Of SuperCoach Draft

Welcome back to TPCEOYAFEITFOSCD, it has been a fantastic year with lots of intrigue.  But who are the real winners? Those winning awards of course! In true AFL fashion, I’ve not always selected who the best are, but all the players that I’m better mates with and that have better name value. Who needs awards […]

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How Good Are You?

It’s been a while, so we’ve got to make up for it. Introducing our new league logo! Just for the site and a few small bits an pieces, it felt like we (I) needed a little something just to chuck on anything to tie it all together. Lovely. The other thing that’s been nagging away […]

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Round Ten

To celebrate the naming of Marvel Stadium, it’s time for a special week, where we see what Marvel character you are. Before any of you try and nab DC’s Superman, Hamish McLachlan beat you to the punch. ShueyforDewy 1819 Result Defeated Go Dabinher (1513) Top 5 Nat Fyfe 163 C Luke Ryan 136 Devon Smith […]

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Round Nine

It’s time for something new, it’s time for a Star Wars prequel review. Because everyone knows the prequels are superior. So what prequel meme best represents your team or the week you had? There’s only one way to find out! But to dip our toes in, let’s use a Simpsons/SW crossover. Breust Juice 1921 Result […]

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Seriously. You’ll feel better. I get it. You’re worried. Worried you’ll get the raw end. A bum steer. It’s natural for people to focus too much on the negative and this shuts down any hope of trading getting done. But most of the time you’ll adjust and your team will be better for it. Even […]

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